CHARTS Update List - (As of 06/20/2019)

Updated = Changed data, version of document or feature.
Released = New features, brand new indicators or new reports.
Added = New year of data making existing content more current.

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5/29/2019ReleasedReleased final 2018 population data 
5/28/2019UpdatedUpdated leading causes of death report with detail by race and ethnicity Leading Causes of Death Profile Report
5/17/2019ReleasedReleased neonatal abstinance data from the Florida Birth Defects Registry for 2017 
5/16/2019AddedAdded high school graduation data by multiple dimensions-race, ethnicity, disability, economic disadvantage. 
5/10/2019ReleasedReleased data for suspected non-fatal opioid involved overdoses and suspected non-fatal all drug overdoses for quarters 2 and 3 of 2018. 
5/3/2019ReleasedReleased non-fatal traumatic brain injury data for 2017 Non-fatal traumatic brain injury hospitalizations
5/3/2019ReleasedReleased non-fatal hospitalization for eating disorders data for 2017 Eating disorders
5/8/2019UpdatedTB cases 2010-2015 and TB completing therapy 2010-2014 
5/8/2019UpdatedWIC eligibles 2010 
5/1/2019UpdatedUpdated the training webinars so it is searchable by topic Training webinars
4/24/2019UpdatedUpdated CHARTS’ atlases to provide data by county 
4/24/2019ReleasedReleased 2017 and 2018 Youth Risk Tobacco Survey Data Youth Risk Tobacco Survey
4/24/2019ReleasedReleased School-Aged Child and Adolescent profile with youth tobacco survey indicators. School-Aged Child and Adolescent Profile
4/24/2019ReleasedSeveral Statistical Briefs were released with more current data Statistical Briefs
4/15/2029ReleasedReleased data for children 1-5 receiving mental health services Children receiving mental health treatment
4/15/2029ReleasedReleased data for inmate admissions Inmate admissions
4/4/2019UpdatedUpdated Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions profile with updated preventable iron deficiency anemia hospitalizations for persons under 5. Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions profile
4/4/2019UpdatedUpdated School-Aged and Adolescent profile with updated percent of middle school students who are obese; percent of high school students who are obese; middle school students who smoked cigarettes in the past 30 days; high school students who smoked cigarettes in the past 30 days; non-fatal motor vehicle related hospitalizations for 5-9, 5-11, 10-14, 12-18, 15-19 and 19-21; non-fatal unintentional injury hospitalizations for 5-9 and 10-19; children ages 0-17 without health insurance; and 4th grade Language Arts Proficiency. School-Aged and Adolescent profile
4/4/2019AddedAdded six indicators to the Pregnancy and Young Child Profile:  non-fatal hospitalizations for unintentional falls <1, non-fatal ER visits for unintentional falls < 1, non-fatal hospitalizations for unintentional falls 1-5, non-fatal ER visits for unintentional falls 1-5, non-fatal hospitalizations for unintentional poisoning <1 and non-fatal ER visits for unintentional poisoning < 1. Pregnancy and Young Child profile
4/4/2019ReleasedReleased 2018 data for 4th grade language arts proficiency, 4th grade Florida Standard Assessment for Math. 4th grade language arts proficiency