CHARTS Update List - (As of 08/07/2020)

Updated = Changed data, version of document or feature.
Released = New features, brand new indicators or new reports.
Added = New year of data making existing content more current.

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7/7/2020UpdatedProfile reports were updated with 2019 Vital Statistics data Profile reports
7/7/2020Released2019 Vital Statistics including births, deaths, infant deaths, fetal deaths, marriages and dissolutions of marriage were released 
6/29/2020ReleasedUpdated hospitalization for mental disorders using CSTE ICD code definitions from 12/2019. Data for 2016-2018. Hospitalizations for Mental Disorders
6/26/2020ReleasedReleased 2019 data for sexually transmitted diseases STD
6/23/2020UpdatedUpdated the FLHealth CHARTS data data notes to include definitions of qualitative and quantitative data. 
6/15/2020UpdatedUpdated the ICD definitions and data for non-fatal injuries in accordance with new guidance from CSTE, December 2019. Data was recalculated using the new definitions for non-fatal injury hospitalizations and emergency department visits from 2015-2018. The Non-Fatal Injury Dashboard, the Non-Fatal Injury Hospitalization Profile report and the Non-Fatal Injury Emergency Department Visits Profile report were all updated in accordance with these revisions. Injury Profile Reports
6/1/2020AddedA new indicator “Adults who sleep at least 7 hours each night” has been added. This data was collected at the county level in 2013 and in 2016 through the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey. Adult sleep habits
5/15/2020UpdatedMinority Health Profiles have been combined with the Health Equity Profile to create the Health Equity Profile and the American Indian Health Equity Profile.  Health Equity Profiles
5/11/2020AddedA new Non-Fatal Injury Dashboard has been added to CHARTS Injury Dashboard
4/9/2020AddedAdded quartiles to several sections of the County Health Profile Report County Health Profile
4/9/2020ReleasedReleased 2019 data for foster care (out of home care) for children ages 5-11, 12-17, and less than 18 Children in foster care
4/9/2020ReleasedReleased 2019 data for children ages 5-11 experiencing sexual violence Children experiencing sexual violence ages 5-11
4/9/2020ReleasedReleased 2019 data for children experiencing abuse, ages 5-11 Children experiencing child abuse ages 5-11
4/9/2020ReleasedReleased 2019 quarter 1 and quarter 2 data for opioid and drug deaths  Opioid Use Dashboard
4/9/2020ReleasedReleased 2018 data in the Opioid Dashboard report for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Birth Defect  Oipoid Use Dashboard
4/1/2020Released2017 cancer incidence data were released Cancer Incidence
3/31/2020ReleasedReleased 2019 quarter 3 drug and opioid emergency department visits and hospitalizations data in Opioid Use Dashboard Opioid Use Dashboard
3/31/2020RemovedYear-to-date data for drug and opioid emergency department visits and hospitalizations were removed from the Opioid Use Dashboard and the footnote was updated  Opioid Use Dashboard
3/31/2020ReleasedReleased 2018 Unemployment rate from Bureau of Labor Statistics Unemployment Rate
3/31/2020AddedEnhanced the descriptions and added links to related resources and Healthy People objectives for all non-vital statistics indicators in FLHealthCHARTS.