Healthiest Weight Profile

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Healthiest Weight Profile, Alachua County, Florida - 2014
IndicatorYear(s)Rate TypeCounty CountCounty RateCounty Quartile 1=most favorable 4=least favorableState CountState Rate
Socio-Demographic Characteristics
Total county population12014Count250,69719,548,031
Population under 18 Years Old12014Percent of Total Population51,41720.54,098,22321.0
Population 18-64 Years Old12014Percent of Total Population167,89067.011,858,05260.7
Population 65+ Years Old12014Percent of Total Population31,39012.53,591,75618.4
Population - White12014Percent of Total Population178,08171.015,286,52178.2
Population - Black12014Percent of Total Population51,20220.43,263,81716.7
Population - Other12014Percent of Total Population21,4148.5997,6935.1
Population - Hispanic12014Percent of Total Population23,3639.34,686,03224.0
Population - Non-Hispanic12014Percent of Total Population227,33490.714,861,99976.0
Population below 100% poverty22013 5-yr estPercent62,42424.94th Quartile3,186,32916.3
Population 5+ that speak English less than very well32013 5-yr estPercent3.73rd Quartile11.7
Adults 18-64 with any health care coverage42013Percent80.42nd Quartile77.1
Adults reporting a personal doctor or health care provider42013Percent67.34th Quartile73.2
Weight, Activity, and Eating Habits among Adults
Adults who are at a healthy weight42013Percent40.71st Quartile35.0
Adults who are underweight42013Percent2.53rd Quartile2.3
Adults who are overweight or obese42013Percent56.81st Quartile62.8
Adults who are overweight42013Percent32.41st Quartile36.4
Adults who are obese42013Percent24.41st Quartile26.4
Adults who participated in 150 minutes or more (or vigorous equivalent minutes) of aerobic physical activity per week42013Percent57.11st Quartile50.2
Adults who participated in muscle strengthening exercises two or more times per week42013Percent38.21st Quartile29.6
Adults who participated in enough aerobic and muscle strengthening exercises to meet guidelines42013Percent25.41st Quartile19.9
Adults who are sedentary42013Percent19.71st Quartile27.7
Adults who consume at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day42013Percent19.71st Quartile18.3
Weight, Activity, and Eating Habits among Children and Teens
Middle and high school students who are at a healthy weight52014Percent70.31st Quartile67.6
Middle and high school students who are underweight52014Percent3.41st Quartile4.2
Middle and high school students who are overweight or obese52014Percent26.21st Quartile28.2
Middle and high school students who are overweight52014Percent14.81st Quartile15.8
Middle and high school students who are obese52014Percent11.41st Quartile12.4
Middle and high school students who were physically active for at least 60 minutes per day on all 7 of the past days52014Percent24.53rd Quartile22.9
Maternal Weight and Breastfeeding among Mothers
Live births to mothers who are at a healthy weight (BMI 18.5-24.9) at time pregnancy occurred62014Percent of Live Births1,32345.42nd Quartile97,36444.3
Births to Underweight Mothers at time Pregnancy Occurred2014Percent of Live Births32311.13rd Quartile23,59410.7
Live births to mothers who are overweight (BMI 25.0-29.9) at time pregnancy occurred62014Percent of Live Births65822.62nd Quartile53,05924.1
Live births to mothers who are obese (BMI>=30) at time pregnancy occurred62014Percent of Live Births72224.83rd Quartile47,24321.5
Live births to mothers who initiate breastfeeding62014Percent of Live Births2,50585.91st Quartile185,18684.2
Built Environment
Population that live within a 1/2 mile of healthy food source72013Percent22.91st Quartile31.8
Population that live within a 1/2 mile of a fast food restaurant72013Percent32.533.5
Population that live within a ten minute walk (1/2 mile) of an off-street trail system82013Percent25.91st Quartile10.6
Workers who drive alone to work92013 5-yr estPercent73.01st Quartile79.5
Workers who ride a bicycle to work92013 5-yr estPercent3.41st Quartile0.7
Workers who walk to work92013 5-yr estPercent3.11st Quartile1.6

Data Note(s):

Where rates are based on a sample, no number (count) is available.

Blanks are shown if there is no count or rate available for the indicator.

Most favorable situation
(Lightest color on maps)
2 or 3
Least favorable situation
(Darkest color on maps)

Calculation of quartiles require several steps to create the final results.

First, the county values are sorted from most favorable to least favorable.

Second, a rank is assigned based on the value for each county in relation to the preceding county. If a county has the same value as the preceding county, then the same rank is assigned.

Third, the ranking is divided into 4 groups. The number of counties in each group depends on how many counties had the same rank.

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5Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)

6Middle School Health Behavior Survey (MSHBS)

7Florida State Office of Vital Statistics

8Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS)

9Florida Environmental Public Health Tracking