Florida's American Indian* State Profile - 2016

The following profile contain state-level data for those identifying as only American Indian/Alaskan Native.

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Florida's American Indian* State Profile - 2016
IndicatorYear(s)MeasureAmerican Indian NumberAmerican Indian RateState RateAmerican Indian/ Florida Rate Ratio
Socio-Demographic Characteristics
Population12016 5 yr est52,9040.3%n/a
   Males12016 5 yr estPercent of Population27,16251.3%48.9%1:1
   Females12016 5 yr estPercent of Population25,74248.7%51.1%1:1
Population under 18 years old12016 5 yr estPercent of Population10,68020.2%20.4%1:1
Population 65 years and older12016 5 yr estPercent of Population6,72312.7%19.1%0.7:1
Median household income12016 5 yr estDollars$43,040$48,900n/a
Individuals below poverty level12016 5 yr estPercent of Population10,85521.1%16.1%1.3:1
Civilian labor force which is unemployed12016 5 yr estPercent of Population3,43613.8%8.4%1.6:1
Owner-occupied housing units12016 5 yr estPercent of Population60%64.8%0.9:1
Individuals 1 year and over that lived in a different house 1 year earlier12016 5 yr estPercent of Population17.6%14.7%1.2:1
Individuals 25 years and over with no high school diploma2016 5 yr estPercent of Population18.6%12.8%1.5:1
Access to Care
Adults who have a personal doctor22016Percent of Survey Respondents78.2%72%1.1:1
Adults who could not see a dentist in the past year because of cost22015Percent of Survey Respondents32.9%17.1%1.9:1
Adults with good to excellent overall health22016Percent of Survey Respondents75.9%80.5%0.9:1
Civilian non-institutionalized population with health insurance coverage12016 5 yr estPercent of Survey Respondents75.4%83.6%0.9:1
Maternal and Child Health
Births32016Per 1,000 Female Population2449.522.10.4:1
Births to mothers ages 15-1932016Per 1,000 Female Population 15-19188.919.40.5:1
Repeat births to mothers ages 15-1932016Percent of Births to Mothers ages 15-19211.1%15.9%0.7:1
Births to mothers over 18 without high school education32016Percent of Births to Mothers over 183113.2%10.8%1.2:1
Resident live births to mothers who smoked during pregnancy32016Percent of Births208.2%5.1%1.6:1
Births to mothers who are overweight (BMI 25.0-29.9) at time pregnancy occurred32016Percent of Births6827.9%24.7%1.1:1
Births to mothers who are obese (BMI>=30) at time pregnancy occurred32016Percent of Births6526.6%22.5%1.2:1
Mothers who initiate breastfeeding32016Percent of Births20082%86%1:1
Births with 1st trimester prenatal care32016Percent of Births with Known Prenatal Care15871.5%78.4%0.9:1
Births with no prenatal care32016Percent of Births with Known Prenatal Care41.8%2%0.9:1
Births with inadequate Prenatal Care based on Kotelchuck Index32016Percent of Births4116.8%13.3%1.3:1
Births with inter-pregnancy interval <18 months32016Percent of Births with Known Interval6542.8%34.8%1.2:1
Births <1500 grams (very low birth weight)32016Percent of Births20.8%1.5%0.5:1
Births <2500 grams (low birth weight)32016Percent of Births145.7%8.7%0.7:1
Births <37 weeks of gestation32016Percent of Births239.4%10.1%0.9:1
Fetal deaths32016Per 1,000 Deliveries28.16.81.2:1
Infant deaths (0-364 days)32016Per 1,000 Births14.16.10.7:1
Leading Causes of Death
All cancers: Crude death rate32014-2016Per 100,000 Population15995.4221.30.4:1
Lung cancer: Crude death rate32014-2016Per 100,000 Population4426.458.80.4:1
Colorectal cancer: Crude death rate32014-2016Per 100,000 Population116.619.30.3:1
Adults 50 and over who have ever had a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy22013Percent of Survey Respondents66.7%69.3%1:1
Adults 50 and over who have had a blood stool test in the past year22016Percent of Survey Respondents10.4%16%0.7:1
Breast cancer: Crude death rate32014-2016Per 100,000 Females1923.628.60.8:1
Women 40 years of age and older who received a mammogram in the past year22016Percent of Survey Respondents56.3%60.8%0.9:1
Prostate cancer: Crude death rate32014-2016Per 100,000 Males44.722.60.2:1
Men ages 50 years and older who have ever had a PSA test22016Percent of Survey Respondents72.7%67.5%1.1:1
Cervical cancer: Crude death rate32014-2016Per 100,000 Females11.23.10.4:1
Women 18 years of age and older who received a PAP test in the past year22016Percent of Survey Respondents39.2%48.4%0.8:1
Cardiovascular Disease
Coronary Heart Disease: Crude death rate32014-2016Per 100,000 Population8148.6146.20.3:1
Adults who have ever been told they had coronary heart disease, heart attack, or stroke22016Percent of Survey Respondents15.2%
Stroke: Crude death rate32014-2016Per 100,000 Population3018.055.70.3:1
Adults who have ever had a stroke22016Percent of Survey Respondents7.4%3.5%2.1:1
Injuries and Injury-related Deaths
Crude homicide death rate32014-2016Per 100,000 Population84.86.10.8:1
Crude suicide death rate32014-2016Per 100,000 Population169.615.70.6:1
Crude motor vehicle crash death rate32014-2016Per 100,000 Population3319.814.71.3:1
Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases (CLRD)
Crude CLRD death rate32014-2016Per 100,000 Population4728.258.90.5:1
Crude diabetes death rate32014-2016Per 100,000 Population3621.628.00.8:1
Adults with diagnosed diabetes22016Percent of Survey Respondents14.9%11.8%1.3:1
Crude HIV/AIDS death rate32014-2016Per 100,000 Population31.84.40.4:1
Reported AIDS Cases42014-2016Per 100,000 Population2715.710.91.4:1
Reported HIV Cases42014-2016Per 100,000 Population4023.224.21:1
Modifiable Behaviors Leading to Premature Death
Adults who are current smokers22016Percent of Survey Respondents26.5%15.5%1.7:1
Adults who are obese (BMI>=30)22016Percent of Survey Respondents34.1%27.4%1.2:1
Adults who are overweight (BMI between 25.0 and 29.9)22016Percent of Survey Respondents34.8%35.8%1:1
Adults who are sedentary22016Percent of Survey Respondents34%29.8%1.1:1
Adults who consume at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day22015Percent of Survey Respondents17.7%18%1:1
Adults who have been diagnosed with high blood cholesterol22015Percent of Survey Respondents28.9%31.7%0.9:1

Data Notes(s)

*Includes persons identifying as ONLY American Indian/Alaskan Native
Where rates are based on a sample, no number (count) is available.
If blanks are shown on rates, American Indian data is not available.

This report relies on population estimates from the American Communities Survey, rather than The Florida Legislature, Office of Economic and Demographic Research. Given this, rates shown on this report are not comparable to rates shown elsewhere on FLHealthCHARTS.

Rate Ratios
The rate ratios in this report compare the American Indian rate to the total Florida rate.
A ratio of 2:1 means that the American Indian rate is two times the Florida rate. A ratio of 0.5:1 means that the American Indian rate is half of the Florida rate.

1US Census Bureau, American Community Survey 5-year estimates

2BRFSS Survey, Division of Community Health Promotion, Florida Department of Health

3Bureau of Vital Statistics, Florida Department of Health

4HIV/AIDS Section, Bureau of Communicable Diseases, Florida Department of Health