Minority Health Profile - Hispanic - 2017

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Minority Health Profile - Hispanic, Alachua County, Florida - 2017
IndicatorYear(s)Rate TypeHispanic NumberHispanic RateNon-Hispanic NumberNon-Hispanic RateHisp./NH Rate RatioHispanic RateNon-Hispanic RateHisp./NH Rate Ratio
Socio-Demographic Characteristics
Population2017Percent of total pop.24,3809.4%234,96990.6%n/a25%75%n/a
Population under 18 Years Old2017Percent of pop. under 184,6389.9%42,17090.1%n/a30.5%69.5%n/a
Population 18-64 Years Old2017Percent of pop. 18-6418,27310.3%159,56889.7%n/a26.5%73.5%n/a
Population 65 and Over2017Percent of pop. 65+1,4694.2%33,23195.8%n/a14.7%85.3%n/a
Individuals 25 years and over with no high school diploma2013-17Percent10.8%5.4%2:121.6%7.6%2.8:1
Individuals below poverty level2013-17Percent7,05332.3%28,02018.4%1.8:119.8%10.9%1.8:1
Civilian labor force which is unemployed2013-17Percent8897.6%4,1034.9%1.5:16.9%6%1.1:1
Median household income 2013-17Dollars$35,405$52,6460.7:1$44,196$56,0320.8:1
Owner-occupied housing units2013-17Percent36.1%61%0.6:151%73.5%0.7:1
Access to Care
Adults who have a personal doctor2016Percent58.2%74.5%0.8:157.7%78.6%0.7:1
Adults who said their overall health was good to excellent2016Percent65.4%84.6%0.8:174.8%82.3%0.9:1
Adults with health insurance coverage 2013-17Percent83.5%91.2%0.9:177.2%89.3%0.9:1
Adults who had a medical checkup in the past year2016Percent65.4%74.5%0.9:171.9%77.7%0.9:1
Adults who received a flu shot in the past year2016Percent44.1%42.3%1:127.6%39.8%0.7:1
Emergency room visits due to asthma 2015-17Per 100,000 Population228322.23,367479.80.7:1544.3466.91.2:1
Adults who have ever received a pneumonia vaccination2016Percent22.6%35.1%0.6:124.9%40.6%0.6:1
Age-adjusted asthma hospitalization rate2015-17Per 100,000 Population454837.49,3671,365.40.6:1711.9837.40.9:1
Adults who visited a dentist or a dental clinic in the past year2016Percent65.8%66.2%1:158.7%65.9%0.9:1
Maternal and Child Health
Births to mothers ages 15-192015-17Per 1,000 Females 15-19317.435612.60.6:121.718.71.2:1
Repeat births to mothers Ages 15-192015-17Percent412.9%4813.5%1:116%15.5%1:1
Births to unwed mothers ages 15-192015-17Percent2890.3%33493.8%1:189.4%92.6%1:1
Births to unwed mothers ages 15-442015-17Percent26938.5%3,42443.7%0.9:150.9%45.7%1.1:1
Births to mothers 19 and over without high school education2015-17Percent7010.3%6358.3%1.2:117.2%8.5%2:1
Resident live births to mothers who smoked during pregnancy2015-17Percent192.7%4866.2%0.4:11.2%6.9%0.2:1
Births to mothers who are underweight (BMI<18.5) at time pregnancy occurred 2015-17Percent142.1%3254.4%0.5:13.4%4.4%0.8:1
Births to mothers who are overweight at time pregnancy occurred2015-17Percent17826.8%1,72823.5%1.1:129.1%25.1%1.2:1
Births to mothers who are obese at time pregnancy occurred2015-17Percent17125.8%1,95926.6%1:122.6%24.7%0.9:1
Mothers who initiate breastfeeding2015-17Percent64492.1%6,68885.1%1.1:190.4%83.8%1.1:1
Births with 1st trimester prenatal care2015-17Percent48477.9%5,68881.5%1:178.7%78.2%1:1
Births with no prenatal care2015-17Percent40.6%470.7%1:11.6%2.1%0.8:1
Fetal deaths2015-17Per 1,000 Deliveries22.9546.80.4:
Infant deaths (0-364 days)2015-17Per 1,000 Births34.3597.50.6:
Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths (SUID)2015-17Per 1,000 Births00.0141.
Maternal deaths2015-17Per 100,000 Births00.0112.
Births with inter-pregnancy interval < 18 months 2015-17Percent14335.4%1,68738.1%0.9:129.5%36.8%0.8:1
Very low birthweight infants born in subspecialty perinatal centers2015-17Percent360%11577.2%0.8:174.3%78.1%1:1
Births < 37 weeks of gestation2015-17Percent7010%89811.4%0.9:19.1%10.5%0.9:1
Births < 1500 grams (very low birth weight)2015-17Percent50.7%1491.9%0.4:11.2%1.7%0.7:1
Births < 2500 grams (low birth weight)2015-17Percent598.4%82110.4%0.8:17.3%9.3%0.8:1
Injuries and Injury-related Deaths
Age-adjusted unintentional drowning death rate2015-17Per 100,000 Population12.391.31.8:
Hospitalizations for non-fatal traumatic brain injuries2012-14Per 100,000 Population69.355781.60.1:176.4103.60.7:1
Age-adjusted Traumatic brain injury death rate2015-17Per 100,000 Population12.37411.10.2:111.720.80.6:1
Hospitalizations for non-fatal firearm injuries2012-14Per 100,000 Population11.5274.00.4:
Age-adjusted firearms-related death rate2015-17Per 100,000 Population11.06910.30.1:
Hospitalizations for non-fatal motor vehicle related injuries2012-14Per 100,000 Population1929.348070.30.4:163.674.00.9:1
Age-adjusted motor vehicle crash death rate2015-17Per 100,000 Population1011.67611.11:
Hospitalizations for non-fatal unintentional fire injuries 2012-14Per 100,000 Population23.1487.00.4:
Hospitalizations for non-fatal unintentional falls2012-14Per 100,000 Population3147.82,075304.10.2:1191.9368.70.5:1
Age-adjusted unintentional fall death rate2015-17Per 100,000 Population37.612116.70.5:15.410.60.5:1
Age-adjusted homicide death rate2015-17Per 100,000 Population11.0253.80.3:
Age-adjusted suicide death rate2015-17Per 100,000 Population12.49413.90.2:17.616.20.5:1
Age-adjusted drug poisoning death rate2015-17Per 100,000 Population46.38012.60.5:19.625.20.4:1
Leading Causes of Death
Coronary Heart Disease
Adults who have ever had a heart attack, angina, or coronary heart disease, or stroke2016Percent2.4%8.6%0.3:16.1%11.7%0.5:1
Age-adjusted hospitalization rate2015-17Per 100,000 Population62162.52,040280.80.6:1256.8297.00.9:1
Age-adjusted death rate2015-17Per 100,000 Population1747.954672.60.7:184.697.10.9:1
Adults who have ever been told they had a stroke2016Percent1.3%3%0.4:11.8%4.2%0.4:1
Age-adjusted hospitalization rate2015-17Per 100,000 Population45114.11,869260.80.4:1194.8239.00.8:1
Age-adjusted death rate2015-17Per 100,000 Population1130.929339.30.8:137.939.01:1
Congestive Heart Failure
Age-adjusted hospitalization rate2015-17Per 100,000 Population270696.012,4841,728.00.4:1957.81,197.00.8:1
Age-adjusted death rate2015-17Per 100,000 Population12.31110.0n/a7.3
Cancer cases diagnosed at advanced stage2013-15Percent5052.1%146743.8%1.2:147.2%46%1:1
Age-adjusted cancer death rate2015-17Per 100,000 Population3592.91,316175.70.5:1118.3158.50.7:1
Lung Cancer
Age-adjusted incidence rate2013-15Per 100,000 Population<1019.347766.00.3:134.463.70.5:1
Age-adjusted death rate2015-17Per 100,000 Population38.429538.40.2:122.441.70.5:1
Colorectal Cancer
Adults 50 years of age and older who received a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy in the past five years2016Percent52.1%n/a49.6%55.9%0.9:1
Adults 50 years of age and older who received a blood stool test in the past year2016Percent7.2%n/a15.4%15.7%1:1
Age-adjusted incidence rate2013-15Per 100,000 Population<1027.429342.30.6:133.937.50.9:1
Age-adjusted death rate2015-17Per 100,000 Population37.311515.40.5:112.413.90.9:1
Breast Cancer
Age-adjusted incidence rate2013-15Per 100,000 Females23114.6546148.70.8:187.7125.00.7:1
Age-adjusted death rate2015-17Per 100,000 Females418.98621.40.9:114.720.40.7:1
Women 40 years of age and older who received a mammogram in the past year2016Percent55.4%n/a60.7%60.9%1:1
Prostate Cancer
Age-adjusted incidence rate2013-15Per 100,000 Males<1051.033297.10.5:185.287.71:1
Age-adjusted death rate2015-17Per 100,000 Males318.26821.80.8:117.816.81.1:1
Men 50 years of age and older who received a PSA test in the past two years2016Percent58.4%n/a47%58.2%0.8:1
Cervical Cancer
Women 18 years of age and older who received a Pap test in the past year2016Percent41.5%n/a51.5%46%1.1:1
Women 18 years of age and older who received a HPV test in the past five years2016Percent34%n/a41.1%32.8%1.3:1
Age-adjusted incidence rate2013-15Per 100,000 Females<1011.0277.71.4:
Adults who have ever been told they had diabetes2016Percent12.6%10.4%1.2:110.9%11.5%0.9:1
Emergency room visits due to diabetes2015-17Per 100,000 Population5983.41,162165.60.5:1184.2239.40.8:1
Age-adjusted hospitalization rate2015-17Per 100,000 Population7511,893.520,5412,875.90.7:12,362.02,343.91:1
Age-adjusted death rate2015-17Per 100,000 Population720.517223.30.9:
HIV Infection Cases2015-17Per 100,000 Population1318.414020.00.9:130.521.61.4:1
AIDS cases2015-17Per 100,000 Population34.27711.00.4:19.810.60.9:1
Age-adjusted HIV/AIDS death rate2015-17Per 100,000 Population00.0344.7n/a2.34.10.6:1
Adults who had ever been tested for HIV2016Percent68.9%39%1.8:155.9%39.8%1.4:1
Modifiable Risks and Behaviors
Adults who are current smokers2016Percent7.5%12.9%0.6:111.7%17.8%0.7:1
Adults who are obese2016Percent9%26.4%0.3:127.3%26.6%1:1
Adults who are overweight2016Percent24.4%32.5%0.8:140.4%35.3%1.1:1
Adults who are sedentary2016Percent36.6%19.9%1.8:138.3%26%1.5:1
Adults who are inactive or insufficiently active2016Percent64.1%46.3%1.4:165.3%51.7%1.3:1
Adults who meet aerobic recommendations2016Percent38.9%55.9%0.7:135.6%50%0.7:1
Adults who meet muscle strengthening recommendations2016Percent38.5%n/a37.2%38%1:1

Data Notes:

Population - Rates are calculated using July 1 population estimates from the Florida Legislature, Office of Economic and Demographic Research which have been allocated by race based on information from the US Bureau of the Census. The population data for 2011-2021, along with rates affected by the population data, was updated on FLHealthCHARTS in November 2017. It is customary to periodically revise population estimates based on new information, such as a census or new mid-course census estimates for prior years. Revising these estimates ensures accurate accounting of the racial, ethnic, and gender distribution of the population. These changes affect the population data and rates calculated for your community.

Click here for data source document.

(u) Rates based on fewer than 5 events are considered unstable. Use caution when interpreting these rates.

Hisp. indicates Hispanic
NH indicates Non-Hispanic

Blanks are shown if there is no hispanic or non-hispanic count available for the indicator.

Rate Ratios

The rate ratios in this report compare the Hispanic rate to the Non-Hispanic rate. A ratio of 2:1 would mean that the Hispanic rate is 2x the Non-Hispanic rate. A ratio of 0.5:1 would mean that the Hispanic rate is half of the Non-Hispanic rate. Ratios are not calulated when either the Hispanic or Non-Hispanic rate is zero (n/a indicated in the county ratio column).