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FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Division of Public Health Statistics & Performance Management

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Unveiling the Plan to Reduce Adverse Childhood Experiences in Charlotte County

Unveiling the Plan to Reduce Adverse Childhood Experiences in Charlotte County

With rising rates of child abuse and other Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in the area, Charlotte County’s community health improvement collaborative developed an action plan to address these issues and increase resilience in the county. At the April Healthy Charlotte Steering Committee meeting, DOH-Charlotte staff unveiled the completed Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) to community partners and members of the community. Representatives from healthcare, mental health, law enforcement, and social services volunteered to participate in the ACEs Task Force to recruit organizations and individuals who will commit to joining the movement.

Vaccination Outreach Efforts Key to Preventing Hepatitis A

Vaccination Outreach Efforts Key to Preventing Hepatitis A

DOH-Brevard staff members have been going into the community to provide Hepatitis A vaccinations to at-risk populations. Multiple events in April resulted in 207 In this photo, Barbara is all smiles while getting her Hep A vaccine from Helen Medlin, DOH-Brevard Nursing Program Specialist.

Collier County Leadership Coalition on Aging Brainstorms Issues and Solutions

Collier County Leadership Coalition on Aging Brainstorms Issues and Solutions

On April 17, 2019, the Collier County Leadership Coalition on Aging (LCA) hosted a community forum to discuss at-risk seniors, vulnerability, and health equity. Cindy Whetsell, Director of Nursing, DOH-Collier, and co-chair of the LCA, presented data to participants from 30 healthcare organizations. Data highlighted three main risk factors that contribute to vulnerability in older adults: health status, cognitive ability, and social network. Participants brainstormed advantages, challenges, and opportunities for local organizations to use E-Based Platforms to address senior needs, solicit information, and solve issues.

DOH-Okaloosa Recognizes Healthy Okaloosa Partners

DOH-Okaloosa Recognizes Healthy Okaloosa Partners

DOH-Okaloosa celebrated the accomplishments of community partners at the 4th Annual Healthy Okaloosa Celebration! Awards were given to the Partner of the Year in each Healthy Okaloosa program sector: the SWAT Clubs, the Tobacco Free Partnership, and the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) Groups. Hurlburt Field Youth Programs received the overall partner of the year award for outstanding work for providing the Recipe for a Healthy Baby presentation to all staff and providing education to kitchen staff to prepare healthier food options for youth. Collectively, partners reached thousands of Okaloosa County residents through health promotion activities, health-related policies, and environmental changes.

What's New

  • Updated CHARTS’ atlases to provide data by county
  • Updated six indicators to the Pregnancy and Young Child Profile
  • Released 2017 and 2018 Youth Risk Tobacco Survey Data
  • Released School-Aged and Adolescent profile with youth tobacco survey indicators.
  • Several Statistical Briefs were released with more current data
  • Released data for children 1-5 receiving mental health services
  • Released data for inmate admissions
  • Released count of clients with developmental disabilities data
  • Released 2018 data for 4th grade language arts proficiency
  • Released data for 2015-2017 for non-fatal motor vehicle injury hospitalizations
  • Released 5-year estimate for 2013-17 for racial residential segregation
  • Released 2017 data for several communicable diseases

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  • The Aging in Florida Profile provides data about Floridians ages 50+
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