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Whats New On CHARTS

  • An improved County Health Profile report delivers graphs to illustrate data
  • 2014 cancer incidence data has been added, effecting more than 274 health indicators in CHARTS
  • A new display of STD and HIV/AIDS data now provides ages, race and ethnicity breakouts.
Florida Mortality Atlas

2011 Mortality Atlas

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Full 2011 Mortality Atlas

Leading Causes of Death, 1999-2001 & 2009-2011

  Crude Rate
All Causes
Total Mortality Maps Trends
Leading Causes
1. Cancer Rate Maps Trends
2. Heart Disease Rate Maps Trends
3. Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease Rate Maps Trends
4. Unintentional Injury Rate Maps Trends
5. Stroke Rate Maps Trends
6. Diabetes Rate Maps Trends
7. Alzheimer's Disease Rate Maps Trends
8. Nephritis Rate Maps Trends
9. Suicide Rate Maps Trends
10. Chronic Liver Disease & Cirrhosis Rate Maps Trends
11. Influenza & Pneumonia Rate Maps Trends
12. Septicemia Rate Maps Trends
13. Hypertension Rate Maps Trends
14. Parkinson's Disease Rate Maps Trends
15. Benign Neoplasm Rate Maps Trends
16. Homicide Rate Maps Trends
17. HIV/AIDS Rate Maps Trends

About the Florida Mortality Atlas

Data interpretation notes

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**Note about population estimates**
Since the publication of this Atlas, population data and rates for 2001-2010 have been updated based on 2010 census estimates. This ensures accurate accounting of the racial, ethnic, and gender distribution of the population. Therefore data in this Atlas differs from more recently published data on FLHealthCHARTS.

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