9/21/2019 3:52 AM is provided by the Florida Department of Health, Division of Public Health Statistics & Performance Management.

Data Source: Florida Department of Health, Public Health Dental Program (PHDP)
Data Note(s)
  • A community water system serves at least 15 service connections used by year-round residents or regularly serves at least 25 year-round residents.
  • All of the population served counts are determined by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and provided to the PHDP on an annual basis at the water system level.
  • In order for a community water system to be considered receiving optimally fluoridated water, they must fall into one of the following categories for at least one month of the calendar year: 1. Adjusted (supplements water with fluoride) 2. Naturally fluoridated ( optimal fluoride levels naturally occurring in water) 3. Consecutive (buys water from an adjusted, natural fluoridated or fluoridated consecutive water system)
  • Numerator: Number of people on community water systems receiving optimally fluoridated water. Denominator: Number of people on community water systems.
  • The methodology of this measurement may have changed over time, specifically from 2013 forward.
  • Chart will display if there are at least three years of data.
  • Multi-year counts are a sum of the selected years, not an average.
  • Quartiles are calculated when data is available for at least 51 counties.