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FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Division of Public Health Statistics & Performance Management

County Health Profile

**Note about population estimates**
The population data for 2001-2010, along with rates affected by the population data, has been updated on FLHealthCHARTS, including this profile report. Following a census, it is customary to revise population projections for the intercensal years based on information from the latest census. Revising the population data from what was predicted to actual estimates ensures accurate accounting of the racial, ethnic, and gender distribution of the population. These changes affect the population data and rates calculated for your community.

The County Health Profile answers the questions, "How healthy are our residents?" and "What does the health status of our community look like?" The results of the report provide your community with an understanding of the community's health status and ensure that the community's priorities consider specific health status issues, such as high diabetes death rates or low immunization rates.

Please select a county and click "Display Profile" to view the County Health Profile for that county.

Note: This profile may take 5-10 seconds to load.

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