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FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Division of Public Health Statistics & Performance Management

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Collaboration in Action

Alachua County has identified an area with few resources and a high concentration of health disparities and social detriments. Through model community advocacy and collaboration, this once-isolated area now has a family resource center and a health and dental clinic. Additionally, a childcare learning center opened on June 7. DOH-Alachua operates the health clinic, providing over 3,200 residents with over 40,000 services—including WIC, dental, family planning and immunizations—since the clinic opened in 2015. The low birth weight data shows a decline from 18.8% in 2014 to 11.5% in 2016 in the census tract where the clinic operates. DOH-Alachua staff supported and celebrated the opening of the childcare center that will add another resource of early childhood care and learning to the area.

Announcing Florida’s 2017–2021 SHIP!

The recently-released State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) is a five-year plan that engages public health system stakeholders to collectively address Florida’s top health priorities. Consisting of diverse partners from throughout the state, the SHIP Steering Committee meets throughout the five-year timeframe to ensure objectives are being met. The SHIP is structured by eight priority areas interwoven with health equity concepts that address health disparities. The priority areas are: Health Equity; Maternal and Child Health; Immunizations; Injury, Safety and Violence; Healthy Weight, Nutrition and Physical Activity; Behavioral Health (includes Mental Illness and Substance Abuse); Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Other Infectious Diseases; and Chronic Disease and Conditions (includes Tobacco-Related Illnesses and Cancer). Each priority area has a priority area workgroup (PAW) comprised of subject matter experts and managed by an internal and external co-chair. The subject matter experts work collaboratively to determine the PAW’s goals, strategies and objectives for the SHIP, and track their progress throughout the range of the plan.

Please follow these links to access the SHIP Executive Summary, SHIP Goals, Strategies and Objectives, and SHA Key Findings.

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Did You Know?

  • CHARTS has more than 20 County and State profile reports that provide a one-stop list of related health statistics for each county.
  • Years of Potential Life Lost (YPLL) is an estimate of premature mortality based on the number of years of life lost among persons who die before the age of 75.
  • Infant mortality rate (the number of infant deaths per 1,000 live births) is calculated by dividing the number of infant deaths by the number of live births, then multiplying by 1,000.
  • Communicable diseases are reported nationally so that they can be stopped before they become widespread.
  • FLHealthCHARTS has community health maps that provide data by zip code and census tract
  • New Population, Mortality and Birth Atlases now feature more years of data as well as improved visual displays of the quantitative data.
  • The CHARTS Social and Economic Factors Report provide data by census tracts. “Select Census Tract Codes” at the top of the report to display only the ones you need.

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