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FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Division of Public Health Statistics & Performance Management

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Immunization Clinics Keep the Flu Out of School

Dr. Shamarial Roberson explores social determinants of health with workshop participants in Tallahassee.

Because of the collaborative efforts of DOH-Lee, Healthy Schools LLC and three schools in Lee County, 239 students and staff were vaccinated and protected against the flu this season. On October 18, Healthy Schools LLC Nurses provided this service at Canterbury, Fort Myers Christian and Acceleration Charter Schools.

Using Data to Inform Community Health Improvement Plans

Dr. Shamarial Roberson explores social determinants of health with workshop participants in Tallahassee.
Recently, county health department staff and partners gathered to learn about using data to prioritize community health issues. Staff in the Tallahassee and Ft. Lauderdale trainings also learned about health equity and PACE-EH. The National Association for County and City Health Officials together with the Florida Department of Health collaborated to provide the instruction to 122 participants.

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Association Between Florida County Demographic Statistics and Age-Adjusted Death Rates in 2016

The correlation between county demographic statistics and age adjusted death rates (AADR) is the subject of a new publication entitled “Association Between Florida County Demographic Statistics and Age-Adjusted Death Rates in 2016”. The correlation between eleven demographic characteristics and AADRs was analyzed, and nine of the demographic characteristics were statistically significantly correlated with county AADRs.

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What's New

  • CHARTS' 20 Profile Reports were recently updated to include 2016 data.
  • Population data for 2011–2021 and associated rates were updated on Florida CHARTS on November 6, 2017.
  • Chronic disease hospitalization data were updated through 2016.
  • The Population, Birth and Mortality Atlases were updated with 2016 data.
  • The Death Data Comparison Profile report now lets you select up to 67 counties for comparison.
  • The County Health Status Comparison Profile now lets you to select up to 67 counties at a time.

Quick Facts

  • In 2016 there were 2,807 deaths from influenza and pneumonia.
  • Florida’s age-adjusted death rate from influenza and pneumonia increased from 8.7 per 100,000 population in 2007 to 9.6 in 2016.
  • Pregnant women, older people and young children are at greater risk for serious complications from the flu.
  • Getting vaccinated each year is the best way to prevent the flu from infecting people.
  • The proportion of adults ages 65+ that received a flu shot in the past year has been declining: from 77.8% in 2008 to 51.4% in 2015.
  • In 2016, the Florida Department of Health estimated that of the approximate 20 million people residing in Florida, 135,986 individuals are living with HIV.
  • Florida ranked first in the nation for the number of new HIV cases in 2015, (4,864 or 12% of the U.S. total for new infections), and second in new HIV case rates (24.0 cases per 100,000 population).

Estimated Births

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Did You Know?

  • CHARTS’ Tutorials feature "how-to" about CHARTS’ main components.
  • Statistical Briefs provide an interpretive summary of selected data from CHARTS.
  • The Current year is available in the Data Query section and is labeled provisional.
  • Provisional data is updated weekly and includes year-to-date totals.
  • It is customary to revise population estimates based on new information, such as a census or new mid-course census estimates for prior years.
  • Starting in October 2015, hospitalization data use ICD-10-CM rather than ICD-9-CM.
  • Hospitalizations or emergency room data from 2015 forward may not be comparable to prior year data due to changes in coding.

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