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FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Division of Public Health Statistics & Performance Management

Novel Coronavirus: COVID-19

On February 28, 2020 the World Health Organization officials upgraded its global risk assessment of the novel coronavirus' potential for spread and impact from "high" to "very high." The Florida Department of Health (Department) is working closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to monitor the current outbreak of COVID-19 and is actively working to ensure that the most up-to-date CDC guidance is quickly and accurately disseminated to local partners.

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The COVID-19 Call Center is available 24/7
1 (866) 779-6121 | COVID-19@flhealth.gov

Current Features

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Thank you public health employees, first responders, health care workers and all other heroes for your diligence and dedication during the COVID-19 crisis.

A “To-Go-Bag” Can Make All the Difference in An Emergency

A To-Go-Bag Can Make All the Difference in An Emergency
Katia Contreas, FDOH-Putnam Healthy Families,
displays the “To-Go-Bags” packed up
and ready to be distributed.

DOH-Putnam distributed “To-Go-Bags” filled with hurricane season supplies to their Healthy Family program participants. The crisis kits provide important supplies in an emergency preparedness kit that is easy to carry and can be used at home or in case of an evacuation. Stopping to hunt for supplies can cost hurricane victims critical seconds in an emergency. Each kit contains a hurricane tracking map and checklist, a poncho, a lantern and flashlights, batteries, a weather radio, bugspray, Lysol wipes, document protectors, adult bathing wipes, a whistle, a manual can opener and a first aid kit. This proactive distribution event enabled DOH-Putnam to help get their community prepared for a hurricane, reminding everyone that the time to prepare is before the season begins.

Partnering with Faith-Based Community Organizations to Offer COVID-19 Testing

Partnering with Faith-Based Community Organizations to Offer COVID-19 Testing
Amanda Colwell, CHI Section Chief, assists at a
faith-based COVID-19 testing site.

DOH-Okaloosa joined forces with Striving for Perfection Ministries, Beulah First Baptist Church and St. Simons Episcopal Church to offer COVID-19 testing and cloth face masks to their attendees. Connecting with faith-based organizations allows for targeted outreach among high-risk groups to provide both testing and prevention education. Through this partnering, more than 250 individuals were tested and offered masks. These three churches are also members of DOH-Okaloosa’s Healthy Okaloosa Faith-Based Initiative. This is an initiative that aids faith-based organizations in developing health policies, hosting health education events and providing important health-related information to their members.

City of Key West Awarded Healthy Community Champion Recognition

City of Key West Awarded Healthy Community Champion Recognition
Teri Johnson, Key West Mayor, receives the award from Bob Eadie, Health Officer and Administrator for DOH-Monroe. Also pictured are Tim Staub, Multimodal Transportation Coordinator for Key West (left) and Alison Kerr, PIO for DOH-Monroe (right).

DOH-Monroe has awarded the City of Key West with their Healthy Community Champion Recognition for implementing health in all policies related to comprehensive planning. Bob Eadie, Health Officer and Administrator for the Monroe County Department of Health states, “The City of Key West exemplifies a commitment to public health through the active work being done to improve street infrastructure by making it safer for residents and visitors, and by supporting the mobility of all users.” He presented the recognition award to Key West Mayor Teri Johnson.

Focus On

Immunizations & Influenza – Stay protected from serious, preventable diseases with immunizations.

What's New

  • 2019 HIV, AIDS and Persons with HIV (PWH) data are now on CHARTS
  • The query systems have been updated to a new interface
  • 2019 quarter 4 drug and opioid emergency department visits and hospitalizations data are now in the Opioid Use Dashboard
  • The Mortality Atlas has a new graph showing crude death rate per 100,000 population by age group and sex for Hispanics and Non-Hispanics
  • 2019 data for emergency department visit indicators are now on CHARTS
  • 2019 data for hospitalization indicators are now on CHARTS
  • 2019 data for Two Year Old Children Fully Immunized are now available
  • 2019-20 data for Immunization Levels in Kindergarten and 7th Grade are available

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Did You Know?

  • You can change ages, rate types, races and more using the buttons at the top of the CHARTS 4-panel viewer pages.
  • Florida is one of the first states in the nation to release its Vital Statistics data, providing access to current birth and death health statistics.
  • Most CHARTS reports can be exported to Excel. Look for the Excel graphic in the CHARTS report pages.
  • Vital statistics data on CHARTS comes from official records filed with the Bureau of Vital Statistics for birth, death, fetal death, marriage and marriage dissolution.
  • ZIP code and census-tract data is available through the Community Tools section of CHARTS.

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